Nutrition Tips For Calisthenics


Calisthenics is a variation of body-weight training which generally does not include any gym equipment or machine. This kind of intense workout session is followed to achieve extremely toned and muscular body shape with leverage muscles. Mention worthy, this fitness technique uses one’s own body mass to build up his own muscles. Sit-ups, skipping, pulling-pushing, arch bending etc are included within the bucket of Calisthenic exercises. With proper guidance and patience, one can achieve the benefits of aerobic and muscular exercise with Calisthenic workouts. Athletes, sports enthusiasts and military persons are more likely to be seen following Calisthenic workout sessions.

Instead of being a mere physical working out sessions, this is an unabridged calendar of proportionate body mass building that incorporates both physical training guidance with a detailed do’s and doesn’t list and a nutritious diet planned for everyone individually according to their personal bodily need.calisthenics diet

Insulin and Testosterone are two hormones that influence the muscle growth of your body; to be specified, Insulin lowers the cholesterol level and converts the food you intake to the energy for your muscles instead of being it the source of fat while the later stimulates the muscle growth. in a nutshell, these two hormones help the body to absorb the fluid  and the glucose intaken but up to a certain extend. beyond this certain level, the amount of fluid and glucose is taken, it will be stored as fat. so, the basic funda that the Calisthenics experts use to keep your body toned is to prepare a diet chart that let you take the amount of food under the highest capacity of your body can absorb. secondly, they plan the diet chart with sufficient gap between every meal so that te body gets sufficient time to digest every meal.

calisthenics nutritionThere are certain Nutrition Tips that the callisthenics follow. first, they suggest taking 2-3 heavy meals within 8 hours rather than taking light meals within short intervals of 2 hours or so. secondly, they suggest to skip the first meal of the day, breakfast as by doing this, you will be providing your body with an incessant fasting of 16 hours and so by this time, your body will digest the last trace of food you have taken and therefore, there will be no excess food that can turn to fat. this technique has been called by ‘Intermittent fasting’. thirdly, though common with any kind of diet plan, bid adieu to junk foods and lean towards natural food as much as possible. fourthly, take as much as green vegetables and fruits as possible. If you nutritionintake too much of cholesterol or carbohydrate or protein enriched food, you may fatally harm yourself but as these green vegetables and fruits are a rich source of all kinds of vitamins and minerals, even if you take much more amount of these greens, they are not going to traumatise you. last but not the least, your body needs a decent supply of protein to heal any wound or insufficiency of your body. protein is the fastest source of repairing and compensating properties of your body. so, whenever your body gets injured from outside or become insufficient of nutrition because of a strenuous workout, protein rich diet is a must for you.

So, now you know all the major Nutrition Tips For callisthenics. so, no more excuse!


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