Sample Calisthenics Workout Program

calisthenics workout program

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it os the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

– John F. Kennedy

Why depend on external things when God has equipped us from within? İndeed, one must wonder after knowing how perfectly our body is balanced and equipped. Anybody else understands it or not, The Bar Brothers, Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic, a pair of the top callisthenics experts across the fitness globe understood it and that is why  they coined such a workout method that incorporates with one’s own body mass to build up his own muscles. The Bar Brother scheme a major variation of callisthenics workout. With a proper workout scheme and well-balanced diet, everyone can get the dream body structure.calisthenics workout program

As told earlier, a perfect body with muscles biceps triceps with the help of calisthenics workout needs two things: a proper balanced diet and workout routines. While a proper diet includes principles like protein rich diet, eating more natural fruits and vegetable, eliminating wine from food list etc.

Now, let’s have a look at a Sample callisthenics workout routine.

Warm Up: warm up is perhaps the most important part of any exercise. Because without proper warm up, your body does not get informed about your exercise and because of this sudden activity, the limbs and the joints can get affected bitterly. Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Shoulder dislocation, one finger push-up are some exercises that can be performed along with warm up. These exercises are for upper body warm up. For lower body warm up, kindly go for hip cycles both sides and direction, Squat Clinic, jump rope, glute stretch etc exercises.

Now, let’s jump to the workout section:

Beginner calisthenics circuit:

Repeat this cycle 3 times with 30 seconds of gap after each cycle.

Workout repetition
Pull up 10
Chin up 10
Dips 20
Jump squats 25
Push ups 20
Crunches 50
Burpees 10
Jump rope 30 secs

Intermediate calisthenics circuit:

Repeat this cycle 2 times with 50 seconds of gap after each cycle.

Workout Repetiition
Muscle up 5
Pull Up 50
Jump Squat 25
Burpees 15
Pull up 15
leg flutters 1 minute
Pull up 10
 second sprint nonstop 30

Advanced calisthenics circuit:

Repeat 1 time.

Hold a handstand 30secs
Jump Squat 30secs
Hops 30secs
Kick up push ups 30secs
Squat position move side to side 30secs
X’s and O’s core workout 30secs
dips 30secs
Jumping lunges 30secs
Wall push ups 30secs
Pull ups 30secs

Extreme calisthenics circuit:

3 cycles without any rest in between.

Workouts repititions
Back lever hold 10 sec
Flag hold 7 sec
Front lever hold 5 sec
bent arm planche hold 15 sec
handstand hold 30 sec
muscle ups 3
Dips 10
Pull up hold position 30