The Hardest Moves in Calisthenics Workout

hardest callisthenics

“One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder.”

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not of fighting on old, but of building the new”

I know what you are thinking about: whoever has written this must not know about Calisthenics workouts and some of its herculean workouts that are enough to smash up your limbs without any help of any professional killer. But, have you really never lectured any of your junior “no pain no gain’? now, let me reverse this for you. The more you perform the harder moves, the more butterflies will be impatience to quench their jaggery-thirst.calisthenics-arm-elbow-leverr

Here is a detailed list of the hardest moves in Calisthenics Workout for you:

  • dragon walkDragon Walk: Now it is self-explanatory if an owner of bee condos try to walk like a dragon.this involves your limbs, chest muscles, shoulder muscles and also the abs. Once you get accustomed to this exercise, a rapid muscle builder like this will be difficult to find out.


  • full back bridgeThe full-back Bridge: along with toning up the entire body, this magically increases the flexibility of your body and therefore, this single exercise can work with all of the muscles of your body, makes your body more flexible with the help of what you can leap on more difficult exercises and as it strengthen your muscles, you have much lower chance of getting external injury.
  • burpeesBurpees: you will be astonished to know how can an exercise such a proportionate combination of leg, abs as well as the shoulder and chest muscle builder.
  • archer pull upArcher Pull ups: this is one of the most magnificent exercises from the group of suspension training. This strengthens your elbow and the arm portion and as you lift and drop your body, your body will start getting stronger and the joints get much more stout.
  • one arm pull upOne arm pulls ups: danger never comes alone and tough workouts too. Pull ups can be a few times harder and more effective by doing it with a single hand. Doing alternatively with one hand and then the other, you can easily double the benefit of normal pull ups.
  • l sitThe L-Sit: want to wear that particular slip fit shirt since months but a bulging belly is restraining you? Even now you are not practising the L-sit, then for what purpose it was invented? the L Sit is probably the most rapid belly fat burner and abdominal muscle builder exercise. This also helps in building strong arms, stout cores and elevate your energy level.
  • mountain climbersMountain Climbers: have you seen how much effort the mountain climbers give when they climb their dream ‘height’. İf you mimic the same effort in plain, the whole body benefit you are going to achieve is too obvious to explain.


  • close grip pull upClose Grip Pull up: your biceps are its great haste while exercising close pull-ups. This is a great exercise for the upper part of your body that includes the chest muscles, shoulder muscles and the biceps.


Go. Go. Go! Go for it!if you get afraid of tough things, what will you teach your juniors?