Who is Frank Medrano and What are His Workout Secrets?


“My Role is to guide you and lay out everything you need in order to build a rock hard muscular physique using only bodyweight exercises. When you follow my programs you’ll be using the right number of sets, reps, exercises and exercise sequences that are proven in order to ensure proper progression, muscle growth and fat loss quickly and noticeably”

frank medranoHe peeped into the gym; He did back and forth a few times; He looked at his arms and feet with condolence and he stepped into the gym- he finally stepped into the gym what most of us will not do and that’s why he is Frank Medrano, the ‘Physical Culturist’. His journey of being praised for his incomparable physique started with some random pull ups. Since then the love for his own self incessantly used to push him towards the gym and his ever increasing love for fitness and wellbeing pushed him to break the new ground on functional bodyweight workouts with unusual objects like kettlebells and dumbbells. With proper, simple and experimenting diet plans, he coined a new form of callisthenics exercise. Now, for a quick view on callisthenics exercise, this is an urbanised form of street workout, a framework of a bunch of freehand exercises that does not include any kind of bodybuilding or gym equipment; rather, this technique uses the trainee’s own body mass for building his own muscles. Frank Medrano is one of those who had provided the idea to the common mass that even with sitting on your office chair with the help of some freehand exercises; you can achieve your desired toned body.

frank medrano
What he also suggests his followers and abide by in his own life also is nothing can be more lethal than starting the heavy workout on one fine morning. By doing this, your muscles and limbs do not get time to get habituated with this sudden change in the routine and with this; you can injure your own body hazardously. So, to Frank Medrano, the first workout secret is to accustom the body gradually with this physical activeness. In this regard, he has three distinct workout chart based on intensity level and duration: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced upon which 690,000 people on Instagram, 4.7 million on Facebook and 35 million on YouTube and trust blindly.frank medrano workout

The second trick that he follows is not copying other people’s workout routine as to him, every person’s body’s need is different and so their exercise schemes are. Next, he always works on his pain as according to him, his pain during a workout is his best messenger to convey the stories of the points some of which need more workouts when some other of them wants a change in the present workout routine.

Some best picks from Frank Medrano’s favourite workouts:

  • Muscle –ups: Evident from the name itself, muscle ups help in building strong muscles
  • Standard push ups: focusing on abs, arms and lower body, this is an excellent workout of the entire body
  • Dumbbell press: dumbbell press is the philosopher’s stone who crave for triceps
  • Squats: squads primarily devote on leg muscles that include quadriceps, hamstrings and calves too. This also tones the abs and the back.
  • Pull up: this is an excellent upper body workout. Pull up help in toning the whole body increases heart rate and increases metabolism rate as well.