Who is Lazar Novovic and His Secret Diet?

lazar novovic

Don’t you believe in God? Don’t you? Haven’t you faith upon who has created you and cherished you to your advancement? Perhaps these questions were asked to Lazar Novovic by his conscience or his girlfriend Soleil Bonnin and that is why he decided to use his own body parts to build his own muscles and to let the world learn the techniques. Yes indeed, when the Omnipotent has given us such a self-equipped physique, why should we take the help of external equipment to keep it fit and toned?lazar-novovic-workout

Lazar Novovic would have not been so sure about its this extravagant success when he founded the ‘Bar Brother’ fitness and workout scheme on an online platform through explanatory tutorial videos, detailed instructions and a total insight view regarding callisthenics workout program. Unlike all other workout and fitness scheme available in the market and in the online platform, the Bar Brother system not only consist of a series of detailed exercise procedures but also includes a complete chart of nutritious diet which will complete the fitness circle. A YouTube channel with 421,684 dedicated subscribers is enough to speak for his success and dedication in the domain of fitness. At present, more than 300,000 people are following Lazar Novovic in Instagram because of the international reputation of his this brainchild. But, you must have heard that charity begins at home and I extend it: Proper diet begins at home too. When a person is not properly treasured with proper nutritious diet, he cannot help it with other. So, just wonder what can be more perfect than the diet chart of that person that of whose has helped millions. So, without further delay, let’s peep into the secret diet chart of Lazar Novovic before he lodges a police complaint against us.

lazar novovicdietFirst and foremost, Lazar Novovic relies upon mental food than that one for the liver; both for his followers and for himself and that is why repetitively he has been heard saying that keeping faith upon one’s self is the biggest potion and that people lose who lose believe upon themselves. The second thing, that is also very controversial and subject to defer from person to person is how much meals a day should be taken a day and with how much time interval between every two. Lazar Novovic  has broken the new ground in this domain and disrespecting the contemporary theory of ‘eat less, eat repetitively’, he believes on our ancient forefathers when there were no such words like Tiffin, brunch and snacking on their dictionary. This literally iron man takes 2-3 big meal a day and provides each meal sufficient time to get 100% digested before taking the next one so that any excess amount of food does not get any chance to get transformed into fat. Thirdly, he always maintains a time gap of 16 hours between dinner and breakfast as this is the timeframe that a human body needs to complete a digestion circle. Next, do you really believe that we could get Lazar Novovic as he is now if he hasn’t bid adieu to junk foods and leant towards natural food as much as possible? In his regular diet, natural food and a green vegetable like complex carbs, vegetables, fruits (especially that does not contain a high level of glucose) and lean mean especially skinless chicken breasts are rich in his diet. With all this supplements, he always cherishes his body with a rich supply of protein as this nutrient helps wonderfully to heal and compensate the properties that human body loses during exercise or by any external or internal injury.

Let’s start following this diet chart and give Lazar Novovic a tough competitor. Cheers!