Women Calisthenics Exercises And Bar Sisters


What do you understand by women calisthenics ?It will be your best exercises program. I knew i can not make good a good beginning but you must keep reading.Because women calisthenics moves are very efficient for women.

Body structure and requirement both are different between boys and girls and so their exercises are and one of the most suited workout forms for the women is calisthenics exercises.Women calisthenics exercises are a category of exercises that instead of hardly incorporating with any external bodybuilding equipment.Uses one’s own body mass to build up one’s own body structure. Though some of the exercises are common for ladies and gents, some others are exclusively designed for a woman’s body structure and requirement. So, if you want to evoke the Diva in slumber within you, let’s find out some most suited women calisthenics workouts for you.

Common Women Calisthenics Moves

women calisthenics

Warm Up: May your aim is to achieve a flattering tummy with strong muscles or may it be some mild stop correction without hampering any feminine element of your physique.Nothing can be more hazardous than one fine morning, starting working out without informing your muscles to get ready for the activity. You can somehow relate it with the imbecility of your partner when he informs to get ready for a party 10 minutes before leaving for it. Warm up prepares your body for the exercise by sailing your limbs and muscles and by increasing your heart rate. Otherwise, your body may harm itself.
Wall push up: Wall push up primarily concentrates on your chest muscles. One of the best thing about this exercise is, you can perform it anywhere only with the help of a wall. This is much more effective than conventional push ups as it uses one’s own body mass as the restraining power.
Incline push up: Strength workout for ladies are very few in number. Incline Push Ups are one of the most suitable and safe strength workouts for a woman’s body. This primarily works on shoulders, chest muscles and triceps.women calisthenics
Knee push up: Elbow, wrists and shoulders are the targeted area upon which knee push up works. As knee push-up does not work on your leg muscles.
It transfers the weight to the upper part of the body, therefore strengthens it.
Plank: While the upper mentioned exercises will pamper your shoulders, arms and the chest muscles, plank.
It an excellent option to flatten your abs and back. This is also a very effective workout for your hamstrings. With consistent practice, you can achieve a much better balancing ability.
Jump Ropes: Jump Ropes both one of the most common and effective workout for women. Jumping ropes for 1 minute can work on your entire body. It reduces weight very quickly, increases heart rate and gives stamina.women calisthenics
High Knee: Only 30 seconds of High Knee running with 4-6 times repeat enhances your entire body and overall strengthen up all the joints. This help to a great extent to maintain ideal weight too.
Butt Kicks:Gift your  gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and hamstring muscles the best of its own version with Butt Kicks.

Now, after following these if your boyfriend cannot recognise the ‘new you’, then don’t blame me.


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